Hi There! I'm Anne Jimenez!

My love for essential oils started about 10 years ago; I was invited to a Young Living DIY essential oil party. At that time, I didn’t know much about essential oils but got to smell and try different oils. They showed me how to mix my very own blend, and I made my first room spray. I think I still have the first bottle of Tangerine that I got!

I was born and raised in Oslo, Norway, and later moved to California. Living by the coast I was never affected by any seasonal changes, but when we moved to NW Arkansas it hit me big time. Meeting Sandra Hood, what a blessing, she introduced me to a whole new way of using essential oils. Wanting to make a difference for me and my family, I am working on getting rid of the toxins in my house by switching to Thieves cleaning products. 

Joining Sandra Hood's team, JOURNEY to Essential Living, I want to show people that oils don’t have to be complicated by letting them see how to use them in real life, in their homes, and in their everyday lives. 

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