From seasoned pros to weekend kitchen warriors, I’m here to help you understand the benefits of using culinary essential oils in your everyday cooking. From savory dishes to sweet treats, you too can impress family and friends with all natural flavors.

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I am an avid culinary explorer! I believe that you should find pleasure in discovering the various flavors on your plate. Making good food taste good should always be an adventure.

I have been an essential oils user for many many years...mostly to make my house smell good or for keeping out unwanted pests. But last year I attended an introductory essential oils party that a good friend of mine invited me to, and I was introduced to Sandra Hood. That one class changed my entire mindset on essential oils and their benefits.

I started this journey simply to help out a friend, but ended up falling in love with the products and desiring to learn more about how these products can assist me in my overall health and wellness goals.

Choosing a healthier lifestyle was something that I have tried in the past, but felt unsuccessful at. However, for the past year since using Young Living essential oils on a daily basis, I have noticed a significant shift in my attitude towards creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Did you know that you could cook with Young Living's line of Vitality essential oils? Let me just say they have made a culinary game changer in my cooking!! I now use essential oils as part of my overall dietary routine -from creating tasty refreshing drinks, to mouth watering healthy smoothies, and delicious scones.

There are so many things about the uses and benefits of essential oils that I've enjoyed learning this year. And I think what I have enjoyed most about this process is being able to share what I've learned and what I love with friends and family.

I look forward to my continued essential oils journey and sharing my experiences and knowledge with others.


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