Hi There! I'm Sandra Hood!
I am a wife, a mom, and a grandma.

I recently completed the Certified Natural Health Professional program through Trinity School of Natural Health. My goal is to become a Holistic Health Practitioner.

I love to travel and eat at amazing restaurants. I love food. Haha. Probably too much. But I am eating more real food instead of fast food so that’s a plus. 

My journey into holistic health started the summer of 2019. For so many years I dealt with a poor immune system, allergies, lack of energy, bronchitis, asthma, etc. I felt so hopeless and tired of missing work all the time. 

I knew something needed to change but didn’t know what to do or where to start. Then my friend Nan introduced me to essential oils and other natural products. Essential Oils? Was I skeptical? Of course I was. But in 2019, I got to a point of being tired of being sick, frustrated going to multiple physicians and still not knowing what was wrong with me. I made a decision that changed my life. I became open to learning how to use essential oils for wellness and using plant based products so I could remove toxins from our home. I slowly integrated these natural products into my lifestyle. 
When I realized the huge, positive difference in how I felt using Young Living's essential oils, oil-infused supplements and personal care items, I could not resist sharing about them. This opened the door for me to become a brand partner with Young Living.  

Being a brand partner for YL has taught me so much about natural living. We need to be more aware of the environment we live in and the toxins that are in everything from facial cleansers to household cleaning products. My husband and I have ditched the toxins from our home. 

Are you ready to do the same?  

I want to show you how to take your health into your own hands and live your best life! 

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